Rent your data and get paid for ads you see online

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John Robin
@wwwjohnrobin · Founder at Rentork / Flyde AI
Guys, v2 is coming up very soon and with a lot of new features to earn more money by seeing and also sharing ads. We'll keep you posted very soon for a LIVE.


Danny Fiorentini
@dannyfiorentini · Founder of @MuzeekHQ
This concept is awesome. Look forward to trying it out. Just a typo on the front page: "....use freely your data." Should be "use your data freely," I think. :) Best of luck!
John Robin
@wwwjohnrobin · Founder at Rentork / Flyde AI
Hi everyone, I'm John founder of Rentork, we are glad to welcome you here on Product Hunt to talk about our app and how now you can rent your data online and earn money everyday on your favorite websites and apps when you see ads.
Abhilash Jain
@findabhilash · Product Marketing / Growth
Great idea, Win-Win for the user and the advertisers. This could possibly reduce adblocker usage and make targeting more relevant.
tini wini japa neezy
@yougeekybastard · Graphic Designer
Great concept! Can you open to Aus App Store? :)
Kevin Suttle
@kevinsuttle · Design Technologist. Slab serif T-shape.
Now this is interesting. As much as I hate ads, and defend privacy, everyone has a price.