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Hey I'm Zeb, RentHackr's founder. We presented at the New York Tech Meetup last night, and we're excited to hear from Product Hunters today. I'm happy to respond to any questions here. Thanks!
RentHackr is open to users everywhere. But if you see a sparse screen, head over to New York, NY USA using the map search (top left) to get a good feel for how the app works with lots of apartments and users.
Hey @Zeb! Cool product. Have you ran into any issues re. RentHackr users approaching landlords and asking them for the same rent price as a previous tenant? I can imagine that landlords want to increase their pricing every year.
@GeoffreyWeg no issues so far, but we haven't been onboarding landlords and agents in substantial way yet. Stay tuned…
@zeb Can't seem to change my address...