John Maurer
John Maurer reviewedRenderforest VideoFree animation and intro maker, slideshow and video creator

simple to use, slick looking customizable music videos, great customer service


not many

Wanted to create a neat music visualization and happily found Renderforest. Had plenty of fun options to choose from and was easy to customize with text and background image/video. Loved the library of stock footage to choose from for the optional background video. Wished I could chain together multiple images/videos for this but since it limits you to one, I found one that looped seamlessly which worked great. Might have liked a couple/few more minutes on the max allowable video length, but 5 minutes (for music videos) probably fits the bill in most cases. Customer service rocked: fast, friendly, and helpful. Overall, it met and exceeded my expectations and was super simple to generate. I now have a video I can feel as satisfied with as the music content that I filled it with, plus I was able to find and customize a visualization that helps express the music.

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