Remove Vanity Metrics

Hide # of favorites, RTs and followers from your feed πŸ™

Hides the number of favorites, likes, and followers from your feed so you can focus on the content. Download this Chrome extension to experience raw social media.

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Hey PH! & @kanyewest Darshil, Maas, and I quickly put together this chrome extension... It hides the number of favorites, likes, and followers from your feed so you can focus on "just the content." Using it is an interesting reminder of how influential social metrics are in our decision making and how we think of others. Let us know what you think! :)
@kanyewest @jrdngonen Show out to @bengrosser who has been doing this for a decade.
@kanyewest @jrdngonen Good work on launching this guys! 😍 I made the exact same extension earlier this year, only to get 4 upvotes... man!
I appreciate the purpose but I think everyone wants to see those metrics and they do help (visually) filter through the signal vs. noise.
@rrhoover Sometimes they're just a result of clout.
@rrhoover why generalize? Seems like there is pretty explicit consumer-request..
@rrhoover I think they're helpful when you're posting, but not when you're reading. Social proof adds zero to your capability to think and judge the value of something on its own merit rather than based on confirmation bias.
In today's environment, sometimes it's great to dismiss all the "clout" social stats give people... great product guys!
@ftxrc Thanks for the support!! Agreed!
Props to @bengrosser who has been doing this with Facebook and Twitter for YEARS
@bengrosser @chrisdancy1 Didn't see this but awesome :) for sure
@bengrosser @jrdngonen you'll see it here and I highlight it on my #digitalwellbeing website I highlight and RATE products that are better for us without having to go Digitally Amish.
Looks like a really interesting product! Would be nice if there was a Safari version :)
@iamjustjs Looking into! Thanks!
@iamjustjs I provide instructions for using my Twitter Demetricator on Safari: