100% automatic background removal for Windows/Mac/Linux:
* Drag & Drop automated background removal in seconds
* Upload multiple images and folders
* Create transparent or colored backgrounds
* Select the output size of your choice
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10 Reviews3.5/5
Actually really impressed by this! I gave it an image I thought was quite hard - https://cl.ly/b69ac404da50 and this was the output: https://cl.ly/9b1223a70cc4
Destination SoundI build things that help the world
@franzwarning pretty good job such such a muddy image!
Thomas Schranz ⛄️
Founder at 🍄Magic, 🌊Lemmings, 🔥Mithril
Fantastic example for machine learning combined with a clear use-case and incredible user experience.
Shivam DewanDesign Guy. Product Guy

I love it! Saves so much time, bye Photoshop :D


Works perfectly 95% of time, Free, Great UX


None so far

InpaintDeveloping ideas!
Why are you released so unfinished app? It require a lot of actions from user: -it doesn't have developer signature for Mac and users need to disable security -it require to get api key and enter it to the app, why you can't get it automatically? -it require internet access...
Cody Fitzpatrick
Founder Paived.com, Founder Timeline.io
@theinpaint Same thoughts here. Did not know that you needed a (paid) API key to use this on more than one image. Did not know it also needed an internet connection to reach their API, but that would explain the API key. This app is essentially a desktop interface to their web API.
Benjamin Groessing
Co-Founder of Kaleido AI
@theinpaint @codyfitzpatrick Thanks for your feedback! We have fixed the developer signature warning for Mac and are already working on improvements that make it easier to use remove.bg without having to set up API keys. Our desktop tool is built on top of the remove.bg API, that's why an API key and Internet access is required.
Flora FossetProduct Designer
Just downloaded it, this is great! Easy to use, fast and efficient. 👏
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