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Andreas Klinger
@andreasklinger · Tech at Product Hunt 💃
Agree w/ @brian_lovin here. Remote work is the logic evolution of digital work. Imo in a fear years from now it's completely normal to only be at the same office/place once a month. Also personally i believe for many Non-US/Non-major-eu-city citizens remote work is one of the few ways to build up an impressive startup related CV One recommendation for remotivejobs: make a clear distinction between fully remote/distributed teams and teams that allow remote work.
Rodolphe Dutel
@rdutel · Founder prev. @Buffer
@brian_lovin @andreasklinger Hey Andreas, thanks for your feedback - you're right, making a clearer distinction sounds good :)
Fred Rivett
@fredrivett · One half of @wecontrast
@brian_lovin @andreasklinger @rdutel I second that distinction. It makes a big difference knowing whether you're joining a team full of remote workers or whether you're the remote worker for an office based team.
Tristan Pollock
@writerpollock · EIR/Venture Partner @ 500 Startups
@andreasklinger good point. Is it Buffer (completely remote - @leowid), or just a remote Airbnb office.