Remote Team

Remote OS that makes operating your remote team seamless. is an all-in-one HR platform built for remote teams to:
🤖 Automate payrolls
💰 Send payments
✏️ Tax compliance
✈️ Time off policies
✍️ Document signature
🧾 Reimbursement
📅 Track holidays and special days
🔥 Burn Rate
many more...
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Hello hunters, creators of RemoteTeam here. We’ve worked day and night for a few months. No sleep, a lot of coffee, some lucid dreaming between power naps. We put our hearts and souls into building RemoteTeam . We want to become the best HR platform for remote work. We are a remote team as well. We can only solve the problems and issues we can see. Which is why we would love the product hunt community to use and tell us what they like, what they don't like and what they think we can improve on. At RemoteTeam Inc., we’re building an all-in-one HR tool for remote companies. We’re like Gusto or Zenefits, but for remote companies. Our remote tool helps remote companies to simplify payroll, Time Off policies, Tax compliance, Team management, Document creation and signage, reimbursements, and deductions among others. And we are adding new features every day. When we say “comprehensive” and “all-in-one”, this is what we mean: RemoteTeam Features: 💰Payroll - automated payroll that enables remote teams to handle compensation, deductions, additional earnings, and time offs. Payroll is synced with productivity tools and payment platforms to help companies run a complete payroll system. ⏲️Time off - seamlessly create and manage time off policies, including sick leaves, holidays, PTOs, and vacation requests - all synced with payroll. 💲Tax Compliance - streamlines the entire W-8BEN, W-8BEN-E, W9, 1099 Misc process with digital tax form collection for US companies. 📄Document Handling - create NDAs using templates, request employees to sign, and track document handling for all employees. 💸Reimbursement - allow employees to create reimbursement requests for the expenses they make on work-related stuff and reimburse them with a payment option of your choice. 🎂 Birthdays - know when a team member is celebrating a birthday, with automated messages sent to the entire team. This helps you celebrate your remote employees on their special days. 🏖️ Holidays - get to know all the holidays that your remote employees have in their respective countries. Messages are sent automatically to the team whenever a member is celebrating a holiday. Whether it’s a cultural or political holiday, this helps the entire team to learn about other employees’ culture or nation. 📦 Inventory - manage your remote company’s inventory, assign inventory handling to remote employees, and monitor times of replenishing inventory. 👥 Team app -One dashboard for remote companies to manage employees, assign managers, and create reporting hierarchy. ⚙️ Payments integration - RemoteTeam is integrated with Transferwise and Payoneer to help remote companies seamlessly pay employees. ⚙️ Integrations with productivity tools - Remote team is integrated with Toggl and Desktime - which helps companies manage the productivity of their remote employees. 💸ACH payments: For US companies that would love to pay through their bank account, our ACH payments integration is here to help. Through our ACH payments platform, you can pay employees in over 220 locations worldwide using your local bank accounts. 🔥Burn Rate: track your remote company’s expenditure and monitor the amount you’re spending on employees, tools, and reimbursements. This helps you to make better decisions on how to manage your company’s finances. 1️ One platform for all: your productivity software synced with payment apps. The time offs and holidays of employees are also synced with all the apps. Everything comes together to help you calculate an employee’s compensation. And more features coming your way…
❤️❤️ My Favorite Features As a maker, I enjoy my entire work. However, the features that I love using the most are burn rate panel, holidays, and birthdays. As a company with employees from different countries and cultures, we all have different holidays. RemoteTeam’s holiday feature automatically sends an email every Monday telling the team about any time offs and holidays that employees may have during the week. Some weeks, I see a holiday and ask myself, what is this holiday? Then I’ll go and check wikipedia and learn so much. It helps me understand the different cultures of our teammates as well. Also, I usually wish I could mark my team members’ birthday in a calendar so the team can celebrate them when it’s due. But then I don't need to mark it because the remote team dashboard automatically notifies us so we can celebrate the birthday. ❓❓Why RemoteTeam? Remote is the future of work, and the future of work is remote. We’re in a different era, a time when work and productivity don’t necessarily depend on bounding people in the same office building. Remote work is gradually becoming the default for many companies, if it’s not a default already, especially for startups. A study found that the average worker is willing to accept 8% less pay for the option to work from home - showing the importance of remote work to employees. Unfortunately, the HR software programs we have out there are built for traditional companies. And as we might be aware, the skills of your employees make up around 85% of your company assets. How you manage them will be a big factor in your success or failure. That’s why we built RemoteTeam. To help remote companies easily manage their human resources, who are their most important asset. From payroll, time offs, and tax compliance to reimbursements and inventory, RemoteTeam has the tools that any remote company would need to build better people ops. 📖Our Story I moved to Silicon Valley 8 years ago after juggling with a few startups in Istanbul. Through these years, all my startups have all been run on 100% remote teams. Since settling in Silicon Valley, I’ve met with 400 investors in the valley and raised from 40+ investors. And I remember whenever I told other people that my team is 100% remote, nearly all of them would tell me a remote team is not a good thing. Time zones, communication problems - they gave me all the possible reasons why remote work isn’t going to succeed. Many people also told me that being a remote company isn’t going to bring in the investors, and that the only way your company can be acquired is to have local teams. These comments weren’t just from investors, but also from advisors and partners. It was difficult convincing any investor, partner or an advisor that the future of work is remote. After 8 years, things have changed dramatically. A lot of investors, partners and people in silicon valley are advocating for remote work. We’re starting to see a number of successful unicorns becoming remote and many of the VCs’ portfolios are remote as well. There’s a tremendous amount of interest in remote work. I feel 7 big reasons played a big role in building this culture, 📡 Better internet speed, 🛠️ Tools (slack/zoom), 🏞️ Inadequate talent in Silicon Valley 💵 The high cost of living in Silicon Valley 💡Thousands of resources and bootcamps, which sparked the “self taught” developer trend and making talent available around the world. 👩🏿‍💻 The rise of open source and rise of working together to build software. We also see a trend of “talent is everywhere”. It is becoming faster and easier to become a software engineer. And silicon valley itself cannot provide the needed talent. I saw this trend. My personal problem was, I was a CTO in my past 3 startups. So when you have a remote company of 10 employees, most of them were engineers and I was the one dealing with operations side of things. Like all the payroll, payments, time offs , hiring, performance tracking etc. For a company of 10 people, remote back office related work was eating my 5-10 hours a month. I was tired of excels, google docs, emails, banks etc. When I felt there was enough trend and there could be other professionals facing similar problems, I decided to move forward. A lot of people have been asking me about our domain name. For those of you who are curious how we got it, here’s the story: Initially, I emailed a broker to buy it. But things didn’t go well because the broker was demanding around 100K, a price that I thought was ridiculous, and something that I couldn’t afford considering my bank account was dry. Out of the blue, I found the owner of the domain. I quickly emailed him and told him that I needed the domain name. I also told him of my situation - that what I have now is my rent and an extra $300 in my bank account. If he’s up for this, I could transfer him my rent without even going through an escrow. The owner told me that he was getting married and also needed some extra money to take care of some things asap. I immediately wired him the money, and was now waiting anxiously for the domain name, which he had promised to transfer to me in 1 to 2 weeks later. Crazy, right? Luckily on my part, he transferred me the domain as promised, and I quickly got to work. At the end of it all, remote work is already big - it’s not only startups and solopreneurs that are talking about remote work now, but big companies are finding ways to move part or all of their teams to a remote workforce. Beyond startups and companies, some employees today would love to see the option to work remotely on a job description before they apply. That’s why I set out to build a solution for remote companies to manage their people ops. 🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏿🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏼The team We’re a remote team spread around the world - Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. We love remote work, and as people who already come from remote work and digital nomad backgrounds, we come together with our ideas to make sure that RemoteTeam meets the needs of remote companies. While we have a lot of features developed already, we are still in the early days of the product. And as with any product, a lot of back-and-forth and iterations are needed to get things right. That's why we would also use this opportunity to ask for feedback from all hunters - what we’ve got right, what we missed, and how we can make RemoteTeam the best remote HR product in the market. Let’s talk.
Hi @sahinboydas! I really loved the idea and it definitely fills a huge gap that exist in this industry! Really looking forward to it's application, branding is dope! Also, would love to feature it on my Instagram handle and would love to have on my Business Podcast as guest which will expose it to Indian masses! Looking forward to your reply! Please drop in your email address if interested! Thanks
@porush_puri thanks a lot. lets do it. my email is
Brilliant product. It brings very smart solutions to crucial problems. 💻🤓
👋 Fully remote, SaaS business, team of 2 here. We’ve been using Remote Team for the last 5 months and love it! Payroll - I have mine set to “cash” and have my bank set up to automatically pay from the business checking to my personal checking each month. For my employee we use the TransferWise integration which converts USD to INR and goes straight to his bank account, only a small fee. Holidays/Birthdays/Time off reminders - Super helpful, especially being in different countries and not aware of the different local holidays coming up. Expense tracking - We can upload receipts and be reimbursed on the next payroll easily Thanks Remote Team!
Great to see a platform improving the operations of remote work. It definitely beats spreadsheets and bank issues while transferring funds around the world. As a founder, being more aware of holidays around the world also helps organize days off and situations I'm not aware of (like when work feels slow for 'some reason' and usually that's some local holiday I'm not aware of). Thanks for the great product!
Congrats @sahinboydas and team. It looks very promising. We are working with 4 remote developers and it is getting harder to manage remote team. So, we are using a bunch of tools for efficient work environment. I feel that remote team is the one tool to rule them all :) I will try it!
@ibrahimdevs thank you a lot...