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#2 Product of the DayDecember 25, 2013
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That's somewhat surprising to me. Companies are thirsty for technical talent (which seems to be a large portion of your audience) so I would expect that side of the market to be easier to find and grow. How are you planning to capture their attention, @dparrelli?
Interesting angle to job hunting/recruiting. cc @tommoor and @ericbieller (from Sqwiggle)
Hey everyone :) I'm the Founder of Remotely. It's so great to be able to talk about our new product with you all. Looking forward to hearing your questions and feedback!
Welcome, @dparrelli! Recruiting/job boards have been around for an eternity and there's heavy competition (because it's so lucrative). But you've narrowed your focus on remote working which is an interesting product and marketing strategy. How did you come up with the idea and has it changed since inception?
Thanks @rrhoover. Well the idea was sparked after speaking to people within our industry and realizing that this is quickly becoming a growing trend, with more and more people wanting to work remotely to fulfil a work/life balance - whether that means working in their own space to spend more time with family, or to fulfil their own personal ambitions (eg. work and travel around the world). I think this product will constantly evolve as more people adopt it. We only just launched but we've already received some great feedback from our early adopters, and it's quite clear that there's a need for such a niche product that helps connect employers with the 'right' resources that aren't restricted by geographical location.