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Posted Embed aggregates remote IT jobs from Stackoverflow, WeWorkRemotely and AuthenticJobs (others coming soon) and gives you great filter options and an amazing GraphQL API 😃
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André Rodrigues Pena
André Rodrigues PenaMaker@andrerpena · I'm a web developer and maker
Hello Product Hunters Yes, there is a lot of remote job for developers already. Some very good ones from people I admire. However, I think diversity and competition is a good thing for the user. It is always a good thing to have options, and I thought there was still room for improvement so I built my own on my spare time, for the last 4 months. is still far from perfect, but I prefer to release now and fix stuff later. Here are some highlights from - ⚡️ It is fast, really fast. According to, the other aggregators I tested are from 30% to 300% slower. Also, the page transitions are super smooth due to the amazing Next.js navigation and Apollo caching. - 🤖 It is API first. Usually, when services make APIs available, they are not 100% complete. Either the texts are cropped or there is missing information. Not on Everything you see on the page has been captured from the same API that is publicly available at Ah, and it uses GraphQL which is pretty cool. If you are learning GraphQL, Remoted's API might be a good place for you to practice. - 🕵️‍♀️ It has helpful filters. For example, when looking for remote jobs, it is common to find a lot of jobs that are only for US or Europe candidates. I tried my best to solve this problem despite the denormalization of the available data. It is not perfect but it is a very good start. It is also possible to filter by source and jobs with salary. - ℹ️ I display a lot of useful information right on the front-page, like salary and location restrictions. I think it might save you some time. - 🔥 It has an open Issue Board on Github: Please, please leave your feedback and vote for stuff you would like to see done. Of course, there is room for improvements. For example, it is still restricted to development jobs, but I plan to, as a next step, make it broader and welcome other areas like Design, Marketing, Product and Project Management. I hope you enjoy it. It was definitely not easy to make this alone having a full-time job.
Conrad Ehinger
Conrad Ehinger@conrad_ehing · CoFounder at Aptera
Very cool - just curious.....did you create this because you found it hard trying to find and apply for remote positions?
André Rodrigues Pena
André Rodrigues PenaMaker@andrerpena · I'm a web developer and maker
@conrad_ehing Thanks for your feedback Conrad. I will not say "only" because of that but this helped. I'm from Brazil, currently living in Germany and by the time I was looking for remote work, 2 years ago, it was definitely hard to filter out the US Only stuff. I ended up getting a job but it was hard. I also might return to a remote work some day.