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Every remote work statistic you ever wanted to know.

#2 Product of the DayOctober 25, 2019
We’ve scoured the Internet for every statistic about remote work you could ever need. You’ll find 19 categories of remote work statistics in this browsable, searchable directory that makes it super easy for anyone to cite stats in content, satisfy their curiosity and even explain the benefits of remote work.
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Phew. This one was a massive effort. We didn’t know exactly what we were getting into when we started. We just knew how valuable it could be based on our own experience looking for remote work statistics. Finding as many remote work related stats as we could, judging each one, and putting them all in one place. Then the hard part started. We had to design something that made it as easy as possible to find all the remote work statistics in one place, actually on one page. We went through what feels like countless feedback loops with actual people who would use it. The result is this one page with all the best remote work statistics you need for citing in your content, helping discuss remote work with your company and of course sharing with friends and colleagues. We’ll be adding more stats as they come out and improving the design too. @marie_prokopets and I would love to hear your thoughts.
@marie_prokopets @hnshah A nice way to keep self-promoting your main product through Product Hunt - I keep seeing FYI once in a while, it's a bit annoying and not fair. These things aren't meant here. It seems like a good research, but it's something you would share on Reddit, write an article about, or at least on Hacker News. I think these should be listed as separate products.
@marie_prokopets @hnshah @owenfar1 Idk man, they make valuable content and people seem to enjoy it. We should encourage content marketing. Product Hunt is the appropriate place, not Reddit or HackerNews.
@marie_prokopets @hnshah @armand I don't want to discourage anything - but Product Hunt is for Products, not research and findings.
@hnshah @owenfar1 Hi Owen, thanks for the critical and harsh feedback. It’s always insightful to hear even the harshest of opinions from people. Even though it's not quite typical for Product Hunt. So, Product Hunt has historically been a place for launches of products (of all kinds), books, reports, videos, virtual summits and even podcasts. You’ll see even AngelList (which owns Product Hunt) launched its Year in Review in 2015 on Product Hunt. You can also search for “Report” and find tons, same goes with Podcasts. In the case of this specific launch, we not only did all the work required of building valuable content (research, gathering data, organizing it, curating it, etc) but we also turned it into a product through design (it took us a while and lots of iterations to land where we did), code (it’s built in Ruby on Rails), search, filters, ability to copy statistics easily, light/dark mode. We also got feedback from over 50 people throughout the process and iterated it until it was a valuable and worthy product to launch. We always aim to deliver a ton of value to the Product Hunt community, and I believe that we do. We are passionate about remote/distributed work ourselves, and want to share what we create with the community. Have a nice day.
I’ve been writing A LOT about remote work. Every time I went to write a report or a post, I had to dig and dig and dig until I could immerse myself and find the right statistics. We decided to change all that. So we scoured reports and articles, and went through the effort of finding all the statistics about remote work. The good, and the bad. And we put them all into one place. We even added dark and light mode, to help with legibility. We’ve split everything up into 19 categories to help you learn all about remote work. Personally, I learned so much more about remote work by documenting these statistics - and I was already an expert. There’s so much gold about coworking spaces, productivity, demographics, and much more. People we shared this directory with early described a bunch of use cases for it - here are just a few: - Convincing your boss to let you go remote - Considering offering flexible work for your company - Creating company policies - Satisfying your interest - Writing about remote work I’d love to hear what you’re going to do with the stats!
@marie_prokopets and @hnshah this is great and very easily packaged! What would prob take this to the next level is if you aggregated those stats along the uses cases you've stated above...for example, for the employee trying to convince her boss to let her go remote, what are stats for pros and cons out there? Being the lazy human, what I'm asking for is the synthesis layer on top of all this amazing stats so I have to do even less work :). I can think of a bunch of use cases that can be put into a Q&A form (i.e. "How can you convince your boss to let you go remote", "Why should you care about the remote trend").
@marie_prokopets @lnchoi I love your ideas! Thank you for sharing those, we are looking to improve this over time and will consider what you're saying. We had similar thoughts but had to save somethings for the next set of iterations =)
@marie_prokopets @hnshah totally understand, that product tension of shipping something ASAP while still a MVP...looking forward to the next iteration!
Well done @hnshah @marie_prokopets! This is just awesome data. Remote work is becoming a thing. A big thing. As my friend @sudotong tweeted yesterday - "Once you go remote, you can't go back".
@hnshah @sudotong @waikit Thanks Waikit, glad you like it. And, your friend is so right, that's what happens to most people :)
This is absolutely brilliant, thank you! I can't wait to share it with our community :)
@leobassam Glad you like it!
Nice work @hnshah and @marie_prokopets so many stats and the source. The future of work is remote IMO and some fantastic stats as support. My two fav categories "growth of remote" and "Learning style" Thank you for researching and making it easier to share these stats.
@hnshah @pradipcloud Thanks for the feedback. I love that you like Learning style & growth of remote. I had never really thought about how learning style affects remote until I came across those stats. My favorite category is productivity :)