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Remote Students is an online professional community with 33,000 members worldwide. Our goal is to democratize access to opportunities and resources for professional development. Find your next job, meet industry experts, and form life-long friendships! 🙌
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Hey PH Community! Thanks for hunting us, Bijan! After getting sent home from college due to COVID-19, Akshaya and I wanted to find ways to help our friends who were confused and struggling to find job opportunities. We started by matching students with industry mentors and putting out a collection of companies still hiring, but we quickly realized we needed to scale in order to help as many students as possible. That’s why we decided to build Remote Students, a professional community for students to find interesting opportunities, learn from peers, and make meaningful connections online. Sign up on to receive our weekly newsletter of internship and full-time opportunities, events, and resources. You will also get priority access to our invite-only community platform for college students!
@andrew_tan1 this looks awesome! Discovered via Reach Capital. Signing up as a mentor now.
I did an AMA at Remote Students and met this amazing community of students and entrepreneurs. Check out their newsletter for great opportunities. Also, the community is really engaged, I've seen groups collab or resumes, interview prep, and building teams to start companies...
congrats on shipping!
This is an incredible initiative, Akshaya and Andrew! Kudos to both of you for setting this up!
@steventey thanks Steven!!
What an awesome aggregation of resources! This'll be especially useful going into the summer and fall semester.
@julieechenn Thanks so much Julie!