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YES, there are too many remote job boards out there, but I still wasn't happy with them. Most of the remote job-boards out there crawl the internet & accept submission from sketchy companies because they get paid.

Remote Jobs Club's goal is to send high-quality remote jobs every week that are manually picked and verified.

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For feedback, what's #1 thing you dislike about current remote job boards?
@siimon_sander Seeing jobs that are US-based-only. At least let me filter those.
@iign1 Yeah! We'll only post actual remote jobs, not just "us based" remote jobs.
@siimon_sander @iign1 This has been definitely very big bummer. I think few portals have that filter but there are far less opportunities for non-US residents. I would really appreciate if you keep focus on the other side of the globe as well. Amazing work.
@siimon_sander most boards are just listing full-time jobs. It would be great to see more gig / project / short-term job listings for freelancers who aren't looking for a sole employer.
@hutchlsc Interesting, that's probably not the direction I'm taking though. Maybe in the future.
Nice product. We might be able to partner with Can you DM me?
@davidjlowe Yes sir! Just hit me up at twitter: @siimonsander
Cool product. Working remotely is not future: it is present! Well done, guys!
Great job! Siimon! Thanks for the effort!