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Connecting 2 million+ professionals to remote jobs using AI.

3 Reviews
Nathan Brown
Mike Porterfield
Ustyna Устина Hasiy Гасій
 +3 reviews
  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan BrownWeb & Mobile Growth Consultant

    Decent job database


    Hijacked my website & domain that was hosted on another site by acquiring them & converting it into a Remote profile.

    Had a _custom domain_ personalized resume site created & hosted using Branded.me, when Remote acquired the latter and converted our "personal websites" into blank, useless Remote profiles 👿 There was no offer to preserve or let us save the files of our static sites.

    Nathan Brown has used this product for one year.
  • Mike Porterfield
    Mike PorterfieldGraphic Designer

    Good idea


    Dark UI patterns

    Got an email that I had an invite on Remote. I'd never signed up for Remote, so I clicked to unsubscribe and it sent me to a log-in screen.

    After reading comments it sounds like they have had issues with transparency, including their business model and prices.

    Nothing peeves me more than getting emails from services I never signed up for.

    Mike Porterfield has never used this product.
  • R. Fancsiki
    R. FancsikiHeadline here

    Has remote jobs


    You can't apply with free account and worst is they don't tell you from the start.

    Only after you spend some time searching for jobs, creating profile, you find out that while there is a free "plan" that one serves for nothing. I would expect something for free to try it out after all the time I spent setting it up.

    R. Fancsiki has used this product for one day.