Tired of Despacito? Find a cool remix instead

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I came up with this idea cause it's really tiring to listen Despacito all day, and usually I spend days of searching on Soundcloud to get the latest cool new beats. I hope you like it!
@javpet LOVE this comment haha
@bentossell I can't believe they do it like that in Puerto Rico 😹
I am not tired of Despacito yet
@javpet I don't know if I should feel lucky
What about Hype Machine?
@hgrd Hype Machine is really great but I feel opinionated a driven by the blogs so far. It's still a great resource!
@javpet they force you to listen to stuff on SoundCloud all the time though now which is annoying. Love this idea!
@taylorlorenz I'm glad you like it! No annoying stuff is planned for the future only new features 😺
New functionalities have been added to remixmonsta like sharing songs, and also the functionality is better. Hope you are enjoying cool songs!