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Hey all! I made Remind To Read two years ago when I worked at The New Yorker. ( We launched it in response to the fact that there was a huge bounce rate after the first page view on long form articles. I wanted to create something that would bring readers who were interested in reading, back to the article. I felt like the existing consumer focused services like Pocket, Readability, or bookmarklets had their own faults. Most people would let a bookmark chain pile up, and then wouldn't ever look at their link collection. Remind to Read was meant as a solution to this problem, from the publisher side. I recently re-launched this with a focus on Since there are a growing number of long form writers and great long form content on Medium, I wanted to provide a way for writers to give their audience a simple way to come back. I'd love everyone's feedback and will do my best to implement any suggestions.
@rememberlenny clever! Is this free for life?
@chrismessina Free for life if you dont need any customizations! Im also open to adding integrations into other services that will be free. I'll be charging around the ability to customize the communication back to the user.
Awesome product Leonard! I use Pocket and have way too many articles saved. Most likely won't actually go back and read any of them. Really excited to see this adopted by more blogs! Good luck on PH!
@joshuaanderton Thanks for all the support Joshua!
@joshuaanderton Even i had the same problem. So, what I did, created a tag called "today". So EOD I make sure I read all the articles from "today"
Nice and simple. Love it.
Very nice product. I really hate all of Medium "visual organization" design, zero intuition, I can't find shit there. People generally use Pocket or Pinterest to save stuff. I'll definitely use this.