Elite doctors at your fingertips. Made affordable by AI.

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William Jack
@will_jack · CEO @ Remedy
Thank you for your support everyone!
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Sarah Tavel
@sarahtavel · partner, greylock
Remedy lets anyone, insured or not, get medical advice and prescriptions from the best doctors in the world, all for an incredibly affordable price. They use AI to make this experience possible, and they are paving the way for better healthcare for everyone. I believe in companies that create a better experience for consumers, and do so at a cheaper price. R… See more
José Manuel M
@jose_morey_md · Senior Medical Scientist - IBM Watson
Democrotizing healthcare for all peoples by empowering the best physicians in the world through AI. This will change healthcare and the world as we know it.
Andreas Dias
This looks awesome, I'll have to try it out for my annual check up when I get home for winter break!
Darshan Desai
@darshan1394 · Plan
Congrats on the launch! This looks incredible. So happy to have watched it grow over the past few months. And for those who still aren't convinced... check out Jeff Dean's endorsement https://news.ycombinator.com/ite...
Joshua Meier
@joshim5 · Student at Harvard College
Remedy is taking telemedicine to the mainstream - Remy lets doctors focus on the medicine so we can all get better treatment and live healthier lives