The paper tablet for people who prefer paper.

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 09, 2017

This is the paper tablet for paper lovers! reMarkable will give you the sensation of a never-ending sketchbook, you will never run out of paper sheets and all you write or draw can easily be transferred to all your devices. Think, focus and create better with your reMarkable paper tablet!

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First I was very impressed, and then I saw the price.. Really expensive, for this price you can have a powerful iPad Pro which exacltly the same job ( with colors ) ...
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@adri_ln $429? An iPad Pro package is $598 (amazon) so that's 40% more. Okay, so that's the discounted Remarkable price. Anyway, quite different products.
@adri_ln Samesies. I'm not sure there's demand for something at that pricing when you can get an iPad for that price.
@jpvalery @adri_ln Agreed - I was hoping for pricing closer to a Kindle - replace my Kindle and a notebook would be great and I do like e-ink, but....ipads.
@adri_ln Same here! I was like, holly shit I am going to buy it right now. First of all, it was hard to find where the heck is buy button and then holly molly that costly?
@adri_ln This looks like it's more than an iPad. Had apple made this. people wouldn't have problem paying 1000$.
I honestly don't get this product - and I'm firmly part of the early adopter group. I've used every single digital note taking app out there. I own an iPad Pro complete with Apple Pencil. I've got an Evernote account since they've opened and a plethora of others. I own one of these fancy camera equipped pens that dump content from a paper notebook directly into an app. Do I use any of them? No, nope, and no again, they're all gathering dust in a drawer. What I use to take notes, make plans and map out projects are a pen or pencil and a $5 notebook. Need to digitize the result? Scan apps for both iOS and Android are fantastic these days. For the price of one tablet, Apple or Kindle or otherwise, I can buy 10 years worth of (nice) pens and notebooks. Additionally, I am not locking my work into a format that may or may not survive the next 20 years. As far as the video is concerned, I would have loved to see fewer beautiful people and more information on latency and sensitivity.
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@andreasduess I do get this product, but not at this price point. For all intents and purposes, a $25 Boogie Board (LCD writing "tablet") available on Amazon serves a similar core value prop. The convenience and utility of paper without having to buy/store/replenish/throwaway paper. I personally don't use it, but both my kids, especially my oldest (7 years old) use it CONSTANTLY (think what time many kids spend playing video games, and that's what he spends using his drawing tablet). The problem that I see, is you can't constantly compare something to paper, and then charge an arm and a leg. Paper is literally free to some people. At $25 bucks, even maybe $100, I could justify it. $500 regardless of all the extra features, makes it hard to swallow any potential roi.
@wuss Your're right, Boogie boards I get - my six-year-old does the same, he's constantly using his. Perhaps it's the unpretentiousness and utilitarianism of the boogie board that appeals to me.
@wuss my whole life I thought the phrase was "intensive purposes", not "intents and purposes" - maybe they are both used - maybe it is a cultural thing - world is deteriorating!
This looks amazing! I've always wanted an E Ink Tablet!
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I'am a paper person and guys this looks stunning! 🤘
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