Relumino by Samsung

A VR app to help the visually impaired see more clearly

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While wearing today's bulky headset may not be ideal, this is a great illustration of how tech can dramatically improve the lives of those less fortunate and preview of our cyborg future. cc @Scobleizer
Link is broken or the website is choking from the traffic
This is fantastic. Too bad it's only for GearVR, I know the HTC Vive also has a passthrough camera. I'm VERY curious how they did all of this and aren't advertising a feature for Colorblind Filters. I would have thought that was the largest market for this software. And that's what's cool about this. it's just software. Corrective eyewear is now a download away. This is a glimpse of what will be possible with AR glasses for improving people's lives. (You're probably not going to be walking around with VR goggles)