Relevance Coin

1 billion free coins to improve relevance on the web


We're creating a new category—relevance—to let you discover, save, and read what's worth your attention. To make it happen, we're giving away 1 billion coins to early users for free and we'll buy them back later with our profits.

Product Hunters who join until October 13 start with 20 coins.

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  • Arin Basu
    Arin Basudoctor, professor environmental health

    By connecting "monetisation" possibilities with "content" relevance, this is an unprecedented mix: nothing like this exists at the moment.


    Yes, I think if they can allow coins for "minting" new & relevant information, rather than "give away", that would be great.

    I guess we will have to watch this space. The possibilities are endless and this is the first time a web service is linking the "linking" with "minting".

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  • Pros: 

    Good stories based on my interests so far!


    Could be improved by removing the bright red error bar that directs me to "Join the Discussion". At least allow it to be dismissed.

    Brings stories for me right to the new tab page in chrome. Options for each story are "Save (Public)", "Read Soon (Private)", or "Share". There's also a feature to have the article read to you, which is nice.

    Emmett Armstrong has used this product for one day.
  • Andrew Hsieh | 謝健新
    Andrew Hsieh | 謝健新Brand Marketing Strategist

    Clean, visually appealing presentation. Strong potential for community of like-minded thinkers.


    For now, content is not so different from self-curated. Relevant Coin is bold, but might attract users less inclined to participate.

    I really want this to succeed. But like any professional, I see articles all day from my network, to say nothing of sites I visit regularly (like PH). I already trust my network to uncover the content I believe is relevant to me. For now, I'm not so sure I need a second Inbound, Facebook Group or Designer News to do it, too. Excited to see how much better content will become.

    And of course, here's my referral link:

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  • Pros: 

    Great way to incentivize Content Curation & Distribution


    Could replace pocket, if they tried

    Been using Refind for some time and enjoy the kind of articles that are being discovered. I think they'll try to be the blockchain of content curation and content distribution. This is something should have done instead of wasting their money creating a glorified typewriter.

    Jose Paul Martin has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Its really an innovative idea of distrivuting coins for referring the product


    Not much info available as of now.

    I have joined just today. I would like to have more info on this. Whether this is a crypto-coin? Is it minable? Value of the coin as of today? Where will this be available for trading?

    Chetan Bhadage has used this product for one day.
  • Erica Berger
    Erica BergerFounder, Catchpool

    I helped come up with the term relevance in regards to content and to Refind, and believ the relevance economy will improve the web.


    Giving away coins is a new concept, so who knows!

    Refind has powerful and good intentions.

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  • Charlie Ward
    Charlie WardProduct Manager & Indie Maker

    Great content recommendations.

    Pretty intuitive to use.


    Keeps saving random links from my Twitter. Have to manually delete or edit title (as title shows up as URL).

    This is a product I didn't realise I needed, and now have as one of my 6 pinned tabs. Congrats!

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  • ojaswa sharma
    ojaswa sharmaEIR @ Roundglass

    amazing idea great execution


    using giveaway as gratification for referral sounds too good, its a new idea and an amazing one but its still too soon

    I am in love with refind. if you need an invite here it is

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