A modern solution to the boring model release.

ReleaseFox is a modern solution to the boring model release. Made for photographers (and videographers), by photographers. A user can create, edit and then store all their model releases on their phone, which is then synced to our website for easy access and downloading.

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@justinprixel Thanks for sharing this - I look forward to testing it. You comment on your site that you need a release "Anytime you are photographing a model or recognizable private property and have the intent to sell or publish the photographs" Actually this app has a wider audience - increasingly brands/businesses/marketers are capturing live and recorded video and photos at their own events and need to have releases - as do journalists and reporters who are doing mobile content creation so it is not just needed for people selling photos and videos. Is there a way to email a release to others in the workflow - I could imagine that a marketing person may capture a release at an event - but then need to email it to their admin person to collect the releases centrally and also to ensure that they are compliant with GDPR regulations that are in force in May 2018 across Europe? Would also love to know if you have a referral programme/affiliate programme planned - I will be sharing about your app in my mobile and social media workshops Thanks
@justinprixel You might want to check your website on desktop and on mobile - your landing page is not rendering properly when you scroll down - the section where the blog posts are featured is all pushed to the right hand side
@justinprixel I just checked re accessing the app on the Appstore in Ireland and can not find it - hope you will make it available internationally soon!
Hey @krishnade Thank you so much for the feedback! You make good points about the wider audience. We will review our content on our website and rewrite accordingly. If I am understanding you correctly, you can fill out several releases and then email them all at once to their admin person for collection and safe keeping. We do not currently have a referral program, but we have discussed how to get that going. I think that would be a great idea. I will let you know when/how we get it going. I will check the website as well, thank you for bring that to my attention. I will get with my developers and make sure it is available internationaly as soon as we can. Thank you again for you thoughts and feedback. I appreciate it greatly!
@justinprixel You are welcome. I anticipate that what will happen in practice is that there will be one or even multiple people at events for example capturing images and videos - this could be inhouse staff, social influencers or even professionals. They will need to capture release statements for all people in the photos and videos. They will need to retain as a company the release statements on their files should people ever query them and this could be some time later if the content appears in printed materials or edited content such as videos. Therefore for workflow I would think the organisation would want to have them all retained centrally and logged against the date of the event and with all the raw files. Hope this helps. Legislation that comes into effect in May 2018 in Europe is relating to data protections - GDRP - and gives more power to individuals and I anticipate more people will be approaching companies for details of personal information help on them so the need to have robust processes for tracking this is going to be even more important to companies. Hope this makes sense - you can message me direct on Twitter or contact me if you want to discuss any of the above
@krishnade ReleaseFox has been updated to all countries (my developers reminded me that we had planned a week for beta in just a few countries). It should be available in Ireland in 2-4 hours. Thanks again for making us aware! Appreciate it!
@justinprixel Thanks - just downloaded it and plan to include it in my social video and digital marketing workshp resources
@krishnade Thanks again Krishna! Appreciate you!