Converts brand assets to consistent into ads & social images

Design 100x Faster. Agencies and teams needing consistent digital marketing, display ads, & social.
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87 Reviews5.0/5
Relay that is a great tool to quickly churn out of lots of images for social media which are all uniform and conform to your brand guidelines.
Very innovative and intuitive product. The developers amaze us regularly and customer support is top-notch.
I absolutely love RelayThat! I use it almost every day for my social media graphics. Craig is a great guy, listens to his customers and is always working on improving the product. Totally recommend!!!
RelayThat is a branding beast! Been using it for more than a year now and I can't but recommend it. Founder @craigcarpenter has been really helpful and pays close attention to users requests and this is clearly shown with the recent updates. All the best to the full RT team.
Relaythat is a great companion for fast graphics creation. Not only fast but also quality results. Its a tool which ROI is valued on time saved.
I use RelayThat almost daily to make all of my images. Very easy to use, makes images in multiple layouts and styles.
It's easy to use and makes beautiful ads. It saves me so much time!
I have a lot of similar tools like Relaythat but I use RelayThat most of the time because it usually saves me more time.
This is one of my most used tools, Before Relaythat I was always running off to 99designs, fiverr (and we all know what a frustrating process that can be to get a good design), or fumbling around with Canva. Well forget all that, Relaythat is like going to fiverr, getting the right designer first time round who does your design in minutes and presents you with twenty or more top design variations in any configuration you like. Relaythat is like being a child with the keys to the local sweet shop, Its Canva on steroids. its pretty great actually
This product keeps getting better and better and better! It's one of the best available!
RelayThat is one my favorite and most used design tool to date. Even tho I also use advanced editors like Adobe Photoshop, their is still a very unique place for this program that not even Photoshop can match right now. RelayThat is specifically created to create multiple designs for you at once in several sizes and for various situations without you having to go in and manually create them all one by one. So all you have to do in enter your informations, logos and images, then RelayThat can make you matching marketing materials for all of your social platforms and different use cases. Again, this is not your average cookie cutter design tool. If you haven't experience RelayThat for yourself to see what it can do for you, you are really missing out. I totally LOVE IT and can not say enough about it. And the bonus, Craig, the creator, is AWESOME. I love when it is awesome people behind an awesome product.
YES. Saves a ton of time when creating images for clients. The brand remains consistent using the templates.
@aedrjmns The word "consistent" keeps popping up in our conversations with many of our clients and community members. We've found this to be a key differentiator with RelayThat for brands so THANK YOU for validating that Anne!
Brilliant piece of kit. Recommended it to several friends.
Best time and money saver a designer can buy ;)
RelayThat is my go to tool for most of the simple design work I need for video thumbnails and all sorts of header images for my website and social media. It's really simple to use and the ready made designs look with a bit of tweaking pixelperfect. Craig and his team are constantly enhancing the set of features and the usability. Love it!
Great product. Craig is excellent and so is his product Relay That well worth the money.
I use RelayThat almost every day. There is no tool like it and I highly recommend it!
Its so quick and simple to make artwork for social posts of all sizes and keep the branding consistent. So many options for design, images, fonts, colors -- it's makes my work practically effortless.
I was conflicted about upvoting this deal because it's my social media content generation secret weapon. I don't want my competition getting access to this powerful tool. :-) Yea, I own Abode products and have accounts with Canva and similar tools but I keep coming back to RelayThat because you can create so many quality pieces of content sized for each platform in a fraction of the time it takes with the other tools. BONUS: @Craig_Carpenter is active with his community of users and responds quickly to request/issues. He's also made numerous improvements to his platform based on specific requests from his Facebook group members. Keep up the great work on this tool and please try and keep it a secret!! :-)
RelayThat is quick and easy to use, once you get used to the layout. Not every design has matching layouts for wide/square/tall social media posts (or I can't find them if they do exist), but making batches of graphics that match and are ideal for various platforms is so SO much easier and faster now!