Relay by Dexter

Engage visitors, answer questions, and capture leads.

Relay is is a live chat solution with simple automation and human takeover in Slack.

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👋Product Hunt Community, I'm really excited to share Relay -- the latest and greatest product from our team at Dexter ( We've been building conversational interfaces for a while now and have seen tremendous success with our customers that use automation to find the right moments to loop a human into a conversation. That's where relay comes in: * In your bot's script, designate when a human should be alerted. * Deploy your bot to one of our supported platforms like Facebook, your Website, SMS, and Twitter. * Receive notifications and handle all questions directly from Slack. We've seen customers use Relay for everything from traditional customer service to building complex bot/human hybrid concierge services that give businesses the opportunity to curate the deeply personalized products. Would love to get some feedback from the community!
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We're HUGE fans of Dexter at Emile HQ! I love how easy to use it is and how nicely it plays with other services we use like Firebase, Zapier etc. Also props to the team for constantly improving the product and providing stellar customer service anytime we run into an issue. I seriously don't have enough good things to say about Dexter, so I'm looking forward to checking out their new product. Great job @danielilkovich + Team!
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In your eyes, what are the biggest differentiators between Relay and other embedded chat tools?
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@aaron_cohn Hey Aaron, great Q! There is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to live chat! A couple notable differences with Dexter: * Best-in-class tools to build powerful chat automation * Works across all your messaging channels (Web, FB, SMS, Twitter, etc) * No new agent tooling required -- answer questions directly from Slack! * Quickly transition in and out of human mode to manage inquiries at scale. Our bread and butter is automation, so we'll be continuing to augment the basics of live chat with smarts to help teams answer high value questions, faster.
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Interesting. Do you have any stats you can share around how chat affects conversion rates?
@alexfeder We have many cases where bot/human hybrid conversations have doubled conversion %s for eCommerce businesses. We have many customers that are seeing 90%+ of their bookings coming from chat. We're obviously pretty bullish on the importance of chat in a sales process.
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first time writer, long time fan ;) do you have a plan to get Relay integrated with That would be a match made in HEAVEN