Color WiFi displays you can put up anywhere to show stuff.

Relays are 2.8" color Wifi-connected displays you can put up anywhere to show messages or pictures. They can be controlled from anywhere via a web app or the Relay API. There's a wall-mounted version for applications like showing messages to visitors at front doors, and a desk version for showing pictures or notes to yourself (or others) inside.

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It would be neat if I could use one of these little screens to display a realtime weather forecast instead of a static image.
@magnuson You could use the Relay API to connect to a weather API and display realtime weather forecasts. They'd update every 5 minutes when the Relay refreshes. Currently text only for v1.0 of the API; images are in the pipeline. https://blog.foundrytechnologies...
idea is good but instead of selling displays just sell software. Displays can work with chrome cast or any other devices. I will not be able to use it for my advertising on big screen.
@blossomshirts Chromecasts and big LCD displays aren't really suitable for the applications this is targeted at.
alex please get in touch i want to display dinamic qr code coming from my server , can relay do it ?
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