Relativity of Time

What humans could do in 1s/min/h/week/month/year

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Discover what humans could do in the most exciting periods of time and how it has changed through the ages.


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Zofia DunikowskaMaker@zofiadunikowska · Co-Founder @
Hi Hunters, Have you ever wondered how long it took to portion a mammoth, build pyramids or paint a masterpiece? Relativity of Time shows how much time our ancestors/makers needed to get stuff done. This is one of our side-projects that illustrates the importance of measuring time. Have fun reading! Cheers Zocha
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
@zofiadunikowska Awesome! That's a really cool way to promote your product. Cheers.
Zofia DunikowskaMaker@zofiadunikowska · Co-Founder @
Thanks @saifalfalah Glad you like it! We took our time to dress up all the time-tracking related facts in funny stories. :)
Jeffrey Borenstein@jeffreybo · Account Manager, The Lathe
Amazing website!
Zofia DunikowskaMaker@zofiadunikowska · Co-Founder @
nice to hear it @jeffreybo thanks! :)
Ryan Hemenway@ryan_hemenway · Student
Who created this site and what language did they use?
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
@ryan_hemenway Use Wappalyzer extension.
Mikołaj DunikowskiMaker@mikdunikowski · CEO @Ownetic -
@ryan_hemenway Relativity of Time is a project by the collaboration platform and was designed and built internally by our talented team. We used AngularJS quite extensively (although not _that_ extensively like in our other advanced products, e.g. Futuramo Visual Tickets ( SVG are being used for the animated stories and of course everything is HTML5 and CSS3 and optimized for all screen sizes (RWD).
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Pretty cool, but the navigation is jarring. Especially getting dumped to the app portion each time you hit the current day. :) Would have been nice to see a current day fact, AND the app.
Zofia DunikowskaMaker@zofiadunikowska · Co-Founder @
I like your idea pretty much @joshdance. Thank you for your feedback!