Getting creators the recognition they deserve


Rekonise is a tool that helps online content creators grow their audience.

Use our Social Gates to offer content to your fans. To unlock this content, fans will have to complete the actions you specify.

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2 Reviews5.0/5

Great application when you need to increase your social media audience


User-friendly, nice design, does what it says it does nicely, developers listen to remarks, one of the best tools out there



I'm not sure many visitors are willing to connect an app to their social accounts to finally follow a creator. The alternative "Pay with a tweet" seems simpler


Clean design, easy to use for creators, free plan


Visitors must connect their accounts to Rekonise

Rekonise is made like this to automatically follow or subscribe when unlocking a gate. This way a user only has to connect their account once. Their accounts will be remembered and unlocking a new gate will be possible with one click! I was doubting this would work too but Rekonise now has already over 24,000 connected accounts that unlocked atleast one gate.