Recommendations from the people that know you best


Reklist eliminates the endless scrolling when deciding what to watch. Keep track of movies & shows you want to watch & recommendations from the people that know your tastes best.

You can use Reklist to send & receive movie & show recommendations from friends, store your personal watchlist, and mark & rate movies and shows you've watched.

2 Reviews
Chris Daly
  • Pros: 

    Easy interface for storing what you want to watch, getting/giving recommendations, and finding even more to watch from your community


    Definitely a new product, still a bunch of improvements that can make this an even better product

    Easy to use, and it works for finding good new things to watch because your friends know better about what you like. The Google contacts integration and send via Facebook make it easy to send a recommendation to anyone in your friend group. Being able to see where you can watch each movie or show is very useful as well.

    Chris Daly has used this product for one month.
  • Linds
    LindsCo-Founder, Reklist

    Great way to organize and keep track of the movies and shows you want to watch while getting personalized recommendations from friends.


    Still room for future development and additional features.

    A great way to keep track of recommendations from friends and store my own list of movies and shows I want to watch.

    Linds has used this product for one month.