Personal AI that sends passive aggressive emails for you

Would you recommend Reginald to a friend?


Jason DeMorrow
There really needs to be a tweetbot version of this
Peter Frank
@peterkimfrank · CEO, ArgoHQ.com
I've been using Reginald to handle my passive aggressive emails. Whenever someone CC's their personal assistant or otherwise tries to one-up me, I dispatch Reggie to knock 'em down a notch.
Evan Petrack
@petrev01 · People Researcher; Loves GIS & Data
Oh damn, this is going to be good some intra-office shenanigans
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
@Gabriel_Whaley haha tell us when this is launched and ready to go :)
Austin Johnsen
@austinj · Twitter
Wow, I just had Reginald turn on me. What the hell?! "Attn: all. Austin is a HUGE TOOL. hahahahahaha"