Mark, discuss and share exact moments of video

#2 Product of the DayJune 22, 2014
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Interesting product with big potential; looking forward to seeing the public rollout of the embeddable player.
Reminds me of Soundcloud's inline commenting. I like that you can embed videos from Vimeo, YouTube, etc. It has the potential to create a new interaction and community around videos we already consume online.
@rrhoover Insane. Was literally just talking to a friend about doing this today, but primarily to help "microtize" YouTube--help users spend less time watching/waiting and more time consuming and interacting with clips at the parts that matter most. As bad as the trolls used to be with YouTube's old commenting system, I do miss it in some ways.
reminds me of which has been around + doing well for a bit - @taylorhou what do you think
@eriktorenberg seems like we have a new competitor to add to the list. :p - wish #reframe the best of luck. Video is a massive market and it will be interesting to follow their progress in the social use case. If the reframe founders are available, my question would be "where did you get the idea to pause the video when a viewer starts typing?" - great UX - also, what's the experience like with thousands of comments on a video?
Great find @paul_a_smith, impressive product. @taylorhou love Remark too - going to recommend this to some friends who work in film production.