Supercharge your employee referral program directly in Slack

Referralboard is a Slack bot that turns your employee referral program into a fun competition. We help make hiring more efficient by changing the incentives around referrals.
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Hi ProductHunt! 👋 It's been a long time since the last time I launched on PH, so I'm really excited to share this with all of you :). Referralboard ( solves a problem my team experienced personally. After raising a round of funding, we wanted to ramp up hiring, but faced the same challenges any team faces when trying to find talented people quickly. To help support our amazing recruiting team's effort, I built Referralboard - a way to tap into your teammate's existing networks to hire more efficiently. By incentivizing employee referrals through a fun game, you can supercharge your high quality hiring leads (at our company we've seen an 8x increase). More importantly, every time you hire through a referral, you don't have to pay A-List or an agency insanely high fees 💸! To thank everyone in this amazing community, I'll be making Referralboard free for anyone that signs up this week! And of course, feel free to shoot me an email ( if you have any questions or just want to chat. Thanks all! - Matthew tldr 🗣️Referralboard makes employee referrals easy, directly in Slack 🏆Teammates participate in a fun competition, earning 1 point / referral 💸Save huge amounts of money by avoiding agency fees on hires!
Cool site, great concept. Do you think the concept could work outside chats as well?
@stas_kulesh Thanks! And yes, the underlying motivators of competition and nudges could definitely work outside of chat. There's a few other tools out there that have actually tried that. What we've found with Referralboard is that integrating directly into your current workflow with Slack makes the whole process much more lightweight (easy to set up, no need to sign into another new platform).
@mbusel You should totally build a bot for MS Teams then )
@stas_kulesh I like that idea!
@shun_yamada Thank you!