Referral Saasquatch

Customer referral platform for SaaS

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We have been using this for about a year on and love the implementation. It's a great user experience and needs no ongoing maintenance. Highly recommended!
@prateekdayal thanks for the kind words!
@logvol Could you expand a bit on the pricing model?
@BlendahTom Sure thing Tom! The pricing is a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), except that it's a bit more generous than what the advertising industry considers CPA because with SaaSquatch you only pay an acquisition fee when you make money from a new subscriber. We've described some more examples in our FAQ: http://docs.referralsaasquatch.c...
@logvol Having something like the Gumroad pricing widget could def help peeps understand that a better I would imaging.
Thanks for the kind comments everyone. If you have any questions you want to ask off line feel free to contact me at
I'm not sure about the name but the pricing model is really interesting - they charge for one month of the referral revenue. I'm not aware of many other products in this space but perhaps Noah Kagan is looking in to this as it is a similar area to the SumoMe products.
@charlieirish We think a referral program's job is acquisition. So when we launched we made our pricing cost per acquisition (CPA) to make sure everyone's interests are aligned. Our enterprise customers love the CPA, but bootstrapped startups tend to keep asking for a flat fee instead. What do you think about?
@charlieirish I for one love the name, +1 for originality and +5 for a name you're not going to forget.
Hey! Looking for a referral software for our online education business. Let me know when we can talk.