Edit videos in real time as you shoot them 🎬

Effortlessly switch between time-lapse, normal and slow-motion whilst recording, in the moment! A simple & beautiful Video app for everyone. No Post-editing Required.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Conceived after a friend was sending video's to a group chat of houses he was looking to rent. There was lots of him going up and down stairs and into different rooms and talking about things. They could definitely be shorter and more exciting. I thought... "this is like a terrible version of MTV Cribs! " Reelshot was born and designed so that whenever he was going up and down stairs or was in transition, it could be set to time-lapse mode, when he was talking, it's set to normal, and if something energetic was happening, he'd simply switch to slow-motion (Cue dancing/throwing money in the air) Simple! The use-cases became very apparent with travel bloggers and Instagram Story users wanting something simple to create fun, captivating content on the go. Of course it can be used in Selfie-mode too and there's a unique locking feature which enables swift transitions between speeds. Simply double tap a setting to lock it then hold another to override. E.g. Lock time-lapse and hold Normal every time you want to talk. (Side note - A previous developer held the original code to ransom about a year ago, so it's a year late. But anyway, here we are with a wonderful new team and a finally live product!). Thanks Guys, Ideas and thoughts welcome! Have a play!
very slick and simple to use. must tool for influencers 👍
@beingbonafide Thank you Hatim! That's the idea for now. :)
Love the concept! Such a great way to streamline the process of creating engaging video content 👍
@lachlankirkwood All about simplifying, saving time and filming mini adventures!
Seems efficient and very user-friendly. Keep up the good work!
@teodora_trankova Thank you Teodora! Hope you have some fun with it. :)
It's so cool! I love it for my skate videos !
@wojciech_soczynski Love that use case!