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ErincCTO @ wantoo
I love Reeder, but Pocket sync would make this the perfect reading app for me.
Chris Carella
Venture Partner, Five Four Ventures
Sid PuriFounder, Berkeley CS Referral Network
@erinch agreed. Also adding LinkedIn pulse and nuzzel feed
This is not only a software, but also a part of my daily life: Reeder, Product Hunt, Reddit/Quora/Twitter +. I cannot imagine life be the same neat and efficient without Reeder 3. One of the strong reasons that keeps me reading. A product made with ❤︎. If 「Sharing to WeChat」 be added, that could drive an amount of traffic especially among Chinese users, I suppose. Notice: U can always customize (in Settings) what sharing service to appear and put in good use. : )
Nick O'Neill
Mild maker making things
It would be great if they had a desktop version!
Jeff Needles
Data @ Houseparty & Maker of Things
Reeder has often been named the best reader for the iOS (and Mac) and it just got updated with a slew of new features and UI updates. What's new?: Instapaper as a sync service Safari in-app view for browsing 3D Touch iPad Pro Support & MORE!
Senior Innovation Consultant
May I place a request to make that reader even awesomer ? I would like to have a "next / previous" article button not on bottom of the app but in the bottom right triangle of the screen, next to my thumb, so I can easily browse the articles more "naturally"
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