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#4 Product of the DayMay 09, 2014
I especially like the Skype concept. Its Mac client is far from intuitive, imho. @psdesignuk - btw, I'd suggest putting your email subscription option on the homepage. I didn't notice this when first visiting the site.
I love this stuff. Redesigning a product and thoughtfully communicating design decisions is a great way to get on a company's radar and attract job opportunities. E.g. @Jonnotie redesigned Product Hunt for fun a while ago (here's a time lapse video). After sharing it with the community, several companies reached out offering contract gigs.
Thanks for the awesome mention @_jacksmith, it's always great to be appreciated :) The concept behind the site was that I was coming across so many redesigns across Dribbble, Forrst and Behance that I felt as though there was room for a site to showcase the very best of them. Although that might be subjective, I make sure sure to include ones that not only look good but that will also engage people to comment and get involved in discussing the direction of the design, good or bad. By also including a lot of information about the user, with links to portfolios and sites, I also hope that Redsgned can be a catalyst for a few new enquiries for the brave designers :)
@psdesignuk - very cool. Great way to promote good work and help designers get deserved attention. What are you some of your favorite?
I think my favourites, for now, are: TUI Rebrand: I love this because it doesn't verge too far from the original logo, and yet, adds in its own character and is a step up from the original design. Gmail Redesign Concept: Many, many people have attempted to design or try to find a new way to deal with email and yet this felt like the one that actually looked deeper into the mechanics and behaviour of email and how we deal with them. A gorgeous design with great UX and a sense of actually wanting to look at your emails. Skype Concept: A great design by Phyek, presenting a much more minimal style and a cleaner interface that both designers and non-designers would enjoy. The Next Microsoft: My all-time favourite on the site is definitely the Microsoft rebrand by Andrew Kim. Until the Fixing Windows 8 post, I hadn't come across such an in-depth look at how someone might go about redesigning something for fun, like they were actually on the project for real. Andrew's attention to detail is awesome and to hear he eventually was hired by Microsoft to work in the Xbox division shows that redesigning for fun can be a serious career-booster if done right.