Redraw by Sticker Mule

Upgrade your images to high resolution, vector graphics.

#5 Product of the DayMarch 25, 2020
Redraw converts your logo, illustration, or photo into a high resolution vector graphic for $29.
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Hey Product Hunt 👋 I'm really excited to share Redraw with you today. Millions of source artwork files are trapped as low resolution images. Regular people and designers get stuck trying to use these images with tremendous difficulty. Redraw helps anyone who doesn't have a high-res version of their artwork get one, easily. Redraw converts your image into a high resolution vector graphic that can be enlarged infinitely and never lose its quality. We charge a flat rate, regardless of difficulty and you don't pay until you're happy with the result. Can't wait for you to try it!
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I wanted to try your product but it's not possible, payment before results is a no go for me. Some companies apply watermark or show only a portion of their results to let people see the quality without letting them stealing it.
@ange_du_soir I get where you're coming from, but what you're suggesting is that they basically work for free, until the client is satisfied with the results, and then charge a (really really) small amount to get the final vector graphic. I think the examples on the webpage and their track record of over-delivery should be enough of a proof you'll get a great result 🙂 That being said, the copy on their website is a bit confusing as it suggests you'll see the results before you pay, which I guess is not the case... "Review an online proof to see what your redraw will look like before you pay"...
@curiousigor is the "Redraw by Sticker Mule" made by a human ? Because some automated tools do it for free : And there is a lot of alternatives :
@ange_du_soir I'm not from Sticker Mule, so no idea, but I'd guess based on the details, some of the work would be done by a human. I've used other automatic tools for vectorising graphics before and none came close to what they're showing in the examples...mostly the text (or fonts) are weird and unusable, but maybe they have figured out how to do that in a better way (which I doubt) 🤷‍♂️
@ange_du_soir Thanks for your interest! To confirm, we’ll provide a free online proof showing exactly what your redraw will look like before you pay.
@curiousigor @ange_du_soir I think it's a human doing this. The online generators usually suck and Stickermule's design team is amazing at turning around stickers. I also think if it's like stickers, there will be a "checkout" step but your card is never charged until you approve the final proof.
While I have not yet had a project that requires the use of 'Redraw', I wouldn't hesitate to trust Stickermule. I've used them 4 times and I can't speak highly enough about the company or their product.
@ben_prisk thank you for the kind words Ben!
This is just what I needed! Can’t beat the value Very very excited when one only has a low quality image , now it will come out even better on my custom orders!
@chrissyscimeca great, excited to have you try it out!
I've used Stickermule for awhile now and hopped on this as soon as it was available and the results were fantastic!
@matthew_cox4 thanks Matthew!