Redesk Beta

Async-first messaging app with goals, deadlines and upvotes.

Redesk is the async messaging app for teams with built-in goals, deadlines and upvotes. It offers a different way to communicate using asynchronous messaging, thoughtful and long-form messages to reduce noise and interruptions at work and promote remote work.
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Hi PH community 👋 My co-founder Raphaël and I are thrilled to introduce you our first app: Redesk. The product is still in beta right now but we are iterating rapidly. Redesk is the async-first messaging app for teams with built-in goals, deadlines and upvotes. Redesk offers modern teams a different way to communicate by leveraging asynchronous messaging with thoughtful and long-form messages instead of one liner chats and reactions. The main problems we are trying to solve are: - Information losses - Too many meetings - Noise and interruptions - Time zone desync within remote teams - Bad communication and poor decision making Our ultimate goal is to create an healthy and thoughtful culture of written communication in modern enterprises while accelerating remote work adoption. Why it matters ? Team communication is the beating heart of every company. But we strongly believe that modern apps like real-time group chats in always open channels are destroying your productivity, your focus and your overall efficiency at work. People get mad, stressed-out or worse just because of all the noise that pollutes their mind during the day. In just a few months, it creates a very toxic 'fear of missing out' and ASAP culture. It's time to reduce all that noise and bring back the signal. There is a way to do this. It's called "asynchronous communication" and it is something many successful tech companies have in common. Just ask Loom, Gumroad, Buffer, Zapier, Doist, Gitlab and many more... We all used to communicate more asynchronously when we were writing emails. Emails are async by design. You don't expect the recipient to respond instantly, you draft your messages, you write long-form texts... but emails was not built for work. They are unorganized, noisy, mixed with personal stuff, not collaborative, not project-driven and just old-fashion. We want our project to be at the crossroad of emails and group chats and take the best of both worlds. Because we all love to be connected together and the playfulness of emojis reactions and gifs inside conversations, we build the best of both worlds with an Inbox and an integrated 1 to 1 live chats as well. Modern teams need thoughtful conversations to make great decisions, generate innovative ideas and solve problems. They don't need meetings. This is why we are building Redesk. It's still an early version and we need your feedback on this vision and product. Raphaël and I really hope you will give it a try. If you want to stay in touch, feel free to follow us on Twitter: or drop us a line at We love you all. Many thanks, Julien
Love the way Redesk make us rethink about communication and create positive and peaceful spaces to debate and decide.
@mat250 Thanks Mathieu ! Super happy to have you and the Meta API team onboard.
Asynchronous team communication has to be the future. It's very much what we tried to encourage with Fleep and also remember Twist gunning for it. Good luck!
@niirehtak Thanks for your support Katheriin!
I subscribed to the beta just to test it. I love the concept, and wouldn't be surprised if you end up completely replacing slack in five years. Is it possible to add audio / video recording inside conversation (directly from the app, like one can do with Telegram for example)? If you target the "remote work" space, do not under estimate how many non verbal cues are part of facial expression and voice tones.
@jeremycochoy maybe a Yac integration? :D
@jeremycochoy @jmitch Hi Justin, I think Yac is great. May be we should team up?
@jmitch I do not know YAC. But what I ment is a short video recording with your face/voice appearing in the Redesk Thread instead of text + the ability to make a such recording using only one click in the message interface (if your computer/phone have a camera). This is definitively a non trivial functionality to implement so obviously make sure most peoples really need it before writing a single line of code. :) It is the feature I personally miss the most in slack today (at least as much as the threading mechanism of Redesk that I find really awesome).
@juliennicault @yac @jmitch YAC looks nice. I which you the best guys :)
Very cool I think. The UI is awesome