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#5 Product of the DayMay 06, 2015
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reddit, the 10+ year old site, has been busy lately, having launched the Upvoted podcast, Upvoted weekly email digest, Ask Me Anything app, and reddit Live in the past 9 months. All of these products are completely tangential to the core experience, giving them an opportunity to experiment and build interfaces/experiences that makes sense for that medium or content. It makes sense because changing the design of their super established community is dangerous. Here's a screenshot of their channel list: @alexisohanian / @ekp - of all the apps you could build on top of reddit, why this?
@alexisohanian @rrhoover We're giving people many more choices and ways to get reddit content. Video, audio, mobile and mobile web are all important. More to come.
@alexisohanian @ekp @rrhoover What I think on consolidator sites like reddit (or craigslist) is that there is a lot of great potential in those focused verticals so instead of having to use the primary site, you can just focus on what you want. I've always felt craigslist should have had a standalone apartment/house rental app. Reddit has so many possibilities. is releasing focused news apps for specific topics too that are going to be interesting to see how they do. (Also going to be interesting to see how PH manages it as you build verticals too)
@ekp I think that's a great direction! I have been a redditor for around 6 years now. My question is how the moderators affected by some of these products might be incorporated, if at all? To my knowledge /r/IAMA is implied to be controlled by it's moderators. Also, with recent closures, does reddit have plans to reiterate new marketplaces for users and/or sell reddit's own apparel in the future?
This was built about 5 years ago and then overhauled about 2 years ago. It's amazing.
@hueypriest Yeah I was gonna say, this is not even close to new.
@hueypriest Reddit should buy the source code from and launch that in /r/music.
Goodbye workflow
I've been consuming reddit tv for years now using ShowYou for iOS (Airplaying to my Apple TV). If this works better than that I will be ridiculously happy.
@applecider_ No. Videos didn't auto advance despite having that selected (on iPad). I will be sticking to Showyou for now, but fingers crossed addresses users who rely on Airplay.
But way too much ad-breaks!
@hallojona We're not currently running any ads within! In the past, we've offered sponsored channels and some interstitial videos, but we haven't in quite some time. Some videos have ads from YouTube, but there isn't too much we can do about that!