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#2 Product of the DayJanuary 08, 2015
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reddit + podcasting = win. Subscribing now. P.S. a bunch of product hunters submitted their favorite podcasts a few months ago to this collection. My favorite is @abexlumberg and @mlieber's StartUp (yes, even more than Serial).
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Means a lot. I heard about the reddit podcast for the first time this week. Huge potential & very excited to hear it.
@abexlumberg @mlieber @rrhoover Agreed on StartUp vs Serial, mostly because it hits closer to home. Maybe I would feel different if I was wrongly convicted of murder?
This is going to be great. Reddit is an immensely powerful platform, and it should be wonderful and enlightening to look deeper at those touched by it's influence.
@peterkimfrank Thanks, Peter. I'm really excited for this!
@peterkimfrank @alexisohanian Was enjoying NYRD.. Especially office hours... maybe just an office hours podcast?
@peterkimfrank @cheapstartup Maybe! So many people said the same. Let's get upvoted to the #1 podcast slot on iTunes first (#4 atm!!) and then hold it for a few months before I start thinking about other shows, but I really enjoyed doing OH, it's just a timing thing.
To the moon!
So. good.
Listened to the first episode this morning on NYRD and quickly downloaded it. A great story to kick things off. Nice work, @alexisohanian!
@lylemckeany NYRD will be in early retirement, but if you liked NYRD you'll LOVE upvoted.