Reddit App 2.0

The official app for Android & iOS is all new ✨

#2 Product of the DayDecember 18, 2017

The Reddit iOS and Android app is all new, with a big redesign focused on making the software more interactive and social. Today’s updated app introduces things like live comment feeds, in-app chat, tools for moderators and more.

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The biggest addition (imho) is private chat, demonstrating that yet again every major social network seems to eventually adopt messaging (we're exploring this on Product Hunt now, but in a way you might not expect).
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@rrhoover wish every chat was built with some sort of open global api so we could combine them all into a single app.
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@rrhoover @shoshinzen That’s what XMPP was supposed to be, sadly.
@rrhoover @shoshinzen we have something like this coming down the pipe. XMPP (as Kevin mentioned) was initially supposed to do this, Matrix is currently trying, and others. That's as far as a wire protocol. We are taking a different approach.
Pumped to see this new update to the Reddit app, coming weeks after they announced one-on-one messaging directly inside Reddit. Well done team! 👏
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@nickabouzeid The team has been working overtime to get this polished and out the door. It's been great watching the app evolve (can you believe the Reddit app is only a year and a half old??).
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@nickabouzeid @alexisohanian I think you forgot to turn the "make this available to Australian appstore" switch Alexis :) But love the changes you guys have been putting into the app - the evolution from Alien Blue has been astounding... when sitting on the couch watching a show/movie, I more and more find that reddit is my second screen app of choice
Reddit should really focus on fixing moderation, botting and manipulation issues. Reddit is literally no fun when 90% of the content is marketing/botted content. PLEASE FIX THE Botting and Moderation issues please!
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Apollo has such an amazing Reddit app. It would take something pretty glamorous to even get me to download the official app again at this point.
Amazing update ✌️🙌