Quick and easy to redact parts of an image

#1 Product of the DayMay 05, 2015
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Redacted is a little side project I've been working on. I'd love to answer any questions! Redacted makes it quick and easy to redact parts of an image. Hide sensitive details of an image by simply clicking and dragging. Here's a video demo if you're curious:
Thanks for posting @antoineplu!
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@soffes Ah this looks so great, Sam! I can definitely tell this is from your hand. :)
@antoineplu I hope that releasing a short intro video w/ the product becomes the standard of PH.
I've been using Skitch ( to do this kind of stuff. Whatcha think @samsoffes?
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$5? Really?
@ennsu too low or too high? (and why)
I love it! Solves a specific problem with great ease, for a good price. *This* is the long tail economy in action! Well done :)
At first I thought this was a tool to replace images so you could make fake ids. The actual functionality is cool too.