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High velocity & customizable candidate sourcing.
Thanks for the share @neerajt4, and others for the interest / votes. We built Sourcing as a Service after hearing a ton of feedback from existing (and potential) clients that they needed a more efficient way to do the top of funnel recruiting tasks – particularly in tight talent markets. Many startups and growth companies have built sophisticated processes for candidate outreach and engagement – eg personalized email sequences, coming from a founder (or someone else inside the company) – to optimize response rates and the candidate experience. They told us they needed a way to automate or speed up the process of building lists of target candidates, with profiles and contact details. Sourcing as a service was born. We've been running in beta for a few months, and have had awesome feedback from a range of customers, from startup founders through to internal recruiters at larger companies. We're happy to offer ProductHunt visitors a 25% discount off your first Sourcing project. That's $100 off the starting price of $500 for a list of 100 candidate profiles. Cheaper than a LinkedIn job post (in SF at least), with a better list of prospect candidates. Ping us with any questions, or if you want to chat sourcing / hiring in general. Cheers!
clever - but who exactly does the sourcing? is this like a funnel into an elance kind of platform or mechanical Turk ?
@passingnotes Hey David - great question. All internal to RecruitLoop. We have a three pronged approach to our sourcing service. 1. We have relationships with 15+ different databases, scrapers, and various tools to uncover candidate profiles 2. We have created a number of internal proprietary processes and pieces of tech to uncover profiles quickly and accurately 3. A human element to fine tune the results along with an in-depth QA of the profiles along with an email verification process. Our flagship product is running a marketplace of independent recruiters (2500+ and counting) and it's a culmination of the learnings from them (and our clients) on how to cultivate the best sourcing approach.
@tehror thanks for the detailed reply - I'm thrilled to see somebody automate some of the mindless and repetitive query and scraping tasks on a larger platform, and this should be a huge, huge time and cost saver for companies - is it mostly tech, or could it really be for anything?
@passingnotes Tech people tend to have the largest digital footprint, so finding them (and specifically their contact info) is more plentiful than say, a nurse in the middle of Idaho. We never push away a project until we're able to dig into a bit further and get a feel for the landscape. We always send over 10 free candidate profiles as part of the calibration process before a client has to commit to a full list. It's during the calibration process where we'll let the client know if we're confident we'd be able to fulfill the request or not.