Finds records using your Spotify playlists

Record Radar looks in your Spotify playlists and matches them with available stock in record stores nearby and online.

No apps or registration – just login with your Spotify.

Explore stores nearby, your favorite vinyl record could be around the corner.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
We made this service as a fun way to look for favorite music on vinyl. Now you also can explore vinyls containing tracks from your Spotify collection: - The records are listed in the order you last added to Spotify. - Hide albums that you already have or do not want to mess around. - Star your favorite albums - Look in stores nearby or choose any city Give it a try and let us know what you have discovered and what you think!

Great service for vinyl lovers travelling abroad.


Very simple to use, just logged in with Spotify account and it automatically synced my music library showing me 3 audio stores nearby.


There is some minor ux issues but I think they’ll get on it fast. Service works well. Maybe they should make an iOS app in the future.

Karl, thanks for first feedback! We are considering app as we'd like to go beyond Spotify in connecting other streaming music services.

Nice job !


Great product for music lovers ! Simple to use !


I dont found any cons

Initially we called this service "Spot-A-Vinyl", but it turned out that Spotify's T&C stated that the service that uses Spotify API cannot have the name starting with the word "Spot". So, we quickly re-branded it to RecordRadar, so here is how it was born )