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This is fantastic. I have been using LICEcap (weird name right?) for way too long:
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@mikepreuss How does it compare? I've been using licecap for a while too.
@mikepreuss Me too....LiceCap seems to handle everything I need. Still, interface of this is more intuitive, having menu bar interface is nice
@freakynit2 @mikepreuss LICEcap has way better compression/quality. It's also more intuitive than RecordIt, which forces you to pull up a webpage to view the GIF. No thanks.
I recently asked a friend if there was a tool to easily turn a screen capture into an animated GIF and then BOOM! Recordit popped up. does this too, but Mac only.
@MikePreuss I've been using LICEcap as well. Great tool!
Love this tool. Super helpful for demonstrating software defects to engineers instead of describing with text.