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Brad Gibson
Great idea and one that could really help radio reporters. Questions for you, Fahim...(1) Is the audible beep tone throughout the call part of the recording? If so, that could be a real problem with those wanting to use the recording for radio or podcasts. In fact, that would be a deal-killer for people like me. If it was just at the beginning of the call as you mentioned you previously were doing, that could easily be edited out. (2) Does your product work with WiFi calling and also with VoLTE to record higher quality calls? This is not as important for radio reporters, but it would be a much-needed, added advantage for quality purposes.
Fahim Saleh
@fahims · KickBackApps
@sdavis60 1. We just did this temporarily but we will have more options in the future for people who do not want the tone. 2. We are strictly going to stick to normal voice calls for now but if we do launch an app in the future, that feature would be possible.