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Hi everyone, quick reminder: take part in our free contest to win a PKParis - K'asq Sport - wireless headphones by subscribing at All subscribers will also receive a €5 welcome gift voucher, usable on their first purchase on RecoHero from November 1, 2017. See you then
RecoHero is a awesome place to be a developer. Not only do we focus on quality innovation on our own product but we also get to source the best quality innovation for our customers from brilliant startups around the world. We have been working hard on both building a marketplace full of amazing IoT and Wearable products but also our affiliate marketing campaign which will go live on November 1st! Sign up early and avail of our early adopters special discounts.
Hello dear hunters, thanks for hunting @thenakedpaul! Very happy to introduce you to RecoHero, a Dublin-based startup created in 2016. When I lived in London, UK, a friend in France advised me to purchase a smartwatch, I followed his advice and therefore looked for it on a well-known marketplace. Error 404, item not found: it was not available for purchase in the UK. Surprising, why would startups limit their sales to only a few countries, when regular marketplaces are valuable ressources to sell internationally, right? I got curious and plunged into it. Eventually I found out that: 1. Hoping to sell on any marketplace without putting consequent efforts on marketing is utopia. 2. Traditional communication and marketing channels are expensive and speculative, therefore risky. Especially for early stage startups trying to reach a new unknown market. 3. Language and culture differences are barriers to international expansion. 4. Startups generally focus on their products' development and tend to underestimate the marketing and communication workload to acquire users/buyers. By connecting worldwide IoT and wearable startups with early-adopters on one global quality-driven marketplace, RecoHero gives consumers access to unavailable products, and acts as a communication channel to help startups grow their sales internationally without taking any financial risks. We have worked hard to make our service simple for the last 18 months and we're now ready to deliver: our official launch is scheduled for November 1, 2017. We sure hope you'll be a part of it! In the meantime you can discover and pre-order our first few products with exclusive discounts on our crowdfunding campaign ( By the way, take part in our free contest to win a PKParis - K'asq Sport - wireless headphones by subscribing at All subscribers will also receive a €5 welcome gift voucher, usable on their first purchase from our launch on November 1, 2017. All positive and negative feedback are very welcome, please feel free to reach out to us and give us your advice/suggestions.

Great job, guys!


yes, fantastic product. Great support and a quality product


I found some aspects difficult to understand initially, but these were soon resolved.

thanks for your nice feedback Pat, I'm glad you enjoyed our beta ;)
I'm happy to be working as a developer at RecoHero. I get to work with passionate people who visualize the future of our platform. We are launching our product on November 1st. There are already some high-quality IoT products available on our platform. I am excited about the future products that we plan to make available worldwide via the RecoHero platform. So my favorite thing about working here is that every team member gets some input on what kind of tech device makers we would like to work with. I want to ask the Product Hunt community what type of products they would like to see on the RecoHero platform! For example, I am particularly interested in virtual reality, so I want to work with some VR companies. Every person has their own particular interest when it comes to tech, so be sure to let me know in the comments what kind of devices you would like to see on the platform :P We plan to make these products available worldwide for everyone to purchase!