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The 7 day diet for everybody

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Have our kids become addicted to junk food? Should overweight kids go on diets? It’s a controversial topic. This book empowers kids to make up their own minds by offering seven principles of healthy eating, one for each day of the week. The colorful cartoon characters from Comics Head tell an entertaining story that makes this diet book stand out from the crowd... See if you agree, Kindle and Print versions are at Amazon, .
Chris and Jenny of Innervision take you on a healthy journey to get you super-fit and healthy this holiday season! Why can’t health and life be fun and games? In this comic, nature becomes uber-cool and colorful as owl and his pals teach you how to eat and beat that stubborn fat. Here, water can be cooler than soda and owls wiser than scientists at food factories. Nature is no longer lifeless and colorless anymore but is full of amazing stories with real life lessons for your kids. This work using art from 'Comics Head' will really get you to look at life in a way you’ve never imagined!
I just found out that the Kindle version of this Book is available for free on on Christmas and Boxing Day and also from January 1st to the 3rd with regard to New year's healthy-eating Resolutions :)
We are what we eat and we want kids to notice what they are eating. Get kids talking, testing, tasting and really enjoying foods that's fun and also healthy.