Recime v2

Create smart chatbots. Zero code required.


Recime v2 simplifies the way brands create, customize and maintain powerful chatbots. It is an end-to-end platform for automating customer experiences.

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7 Reviews5.0/5

We built our product on Recime, top to bottom. Recime team was ridiculously helpful, and the bot was popular enough to get into Forbes!

Woot! Appreciate all the help Recime team. Love the new updates, keep crushing!


- WeChat integration is absolutely clutch. Nobody does it nearly as good as them (if they do it at all?).

- Found them on PH months ago!


Familiarizing with bots and how they could be leveraged successfully. Felt like less of a Recime thing though.

Mike, thanks for the comment and all the support. I agree, there is a little bit of a gap in the industry around chatbots and leveraging them successfully. We'll be working on tools and content to make this more clear.

Recime gives an opportunity to have control over a lot things when building a bot.


One of the best chatbot building platforms on market and our favorite partner at



I gave it a test run and building my first bot only took minutes. Seems like a great tools for simple bots or quick prototyping.

Good job!


Super easy to start with. Clean UI. I was impressed by the NLP's precision.


Recime makes it super easy to build bots, but you still have to understand the basics of bot building such as intents and entities.

Hi Brice, thanks for checking out the builder and the feedback. Over the coming weeks, we have a whole list of features we will be rolling out to extend the builder. Right now a developer can still easily build and extend their chatbot with custom code or our CLI. We're working to find a happy balance between a drag and drop builder and extension through custom code and modules. Please stay tuned for updates and feel free to email me at if you want to chat.
Hi Brice thank you for the comment, i am from the tech team of Recime, regarding "limited feature", well the builder is primary targeted for non/semi-techie users, but it can be also used by the hardcore developers with the combination of cloud code and our cli/extensions to do literary anything and as @joseph mentioned there are other features that are in pipeline which will make it even easier for our users to create bot, though finding the balance between the tech/non-tech user is the key here.
Hi Brice, Thanks again for the comment! I love what you said in the Pros but little bit disagree with what you said in the Cons. To be very fair, I would say the following: 1. Most popular platforms, just don't go beyond the single channel. 2. Some of them have very low and no AI integration. Like how to do custom entities, etc. without leaving the product. 3. How to bring your existing solution to chatbot or target them to modern interface. Again, no story there as well, since most have a very locked down solution. No custom modules, plugins, etc. 4. I leave the rich UI like the generic template, cards, and gallery when you consider the rich response and bring them to across channels. 5. Serverless! Again, the goal is to combine the best of both worlds together and stay tuned for more updates in that direction. Cheers Mehfuz