Recime v2

Create smart chatbots. Zero code required.


Recime v2 simplifies the way brands create, customize and maintain powerful chatbots. It is an end-to-end platform for automating customer experiences.

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Alexander Gamanyuk
Jeff Osborn
P-Edward Lieb
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  • Michael Dunworth
    Michael DunworthProduct @ Wyre

    - WeChat integration is absolutely clutch. Nobody does it nearly as good as them (if they do it at all?).

    - Found them on PH months ago!


    Familiarizing with bots and how they could be leveraged successfully. Felt like less of a Recime thing though.

    We built our product on Recime, top to bottom. Recime team was ridiculously helpful, and the bot was popular enough to get into Forbes!

    Woot! Appreciate all the help Recime team. Love the new updates, keep crushing!

    Michael Dunworth has used this product for one month.
  • Alexander Gamanyuk
    Alexander GamanyukChatBottle, Founder

    One of the best chatbot building platforms on market and our favorite partner at



    Recime gives an opportunity to have control over a lot things when building a bot.

    Alexander Gamanyuk has used this product for one year.
  • Brice B
    Brice BGrowth and Content Manager @Recast.AI

    Super easy to start with. Clean UI. I was impressed by the NLP's precision.


    Recime makes it super easy to build bots, but you still have to understand the basics of bot building such as intents and entities.

    I gave it a test run and building my first bot only took minutes. Seems like a great tools for simple bots or quick prototyping.

    Good job!

    Brice B has used this product for one day.