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Cool. I liked it. I would like Recall to sort the results based on most recent timestamp/date. The problem i have with google, searching technical stuff is, outdated information could appear ahead of most recent and valid information in results.
@sridhar_kondoji thanks for suggestion, added to TODO.
How is this different from Google?
@blfarago As far as I understand it lets you connect your personal accounts (Evernote, Github, Trello, etc.) so it can search in each one. Google can't do that.
@blfarago As developer of recalll - we are trying to give exact answers of developers and programmers queries, whether its from websites, tech blogs or documents in cloud apps. How it's different from google - Search engines steers you to right section of the library, but doesn't answer your question or compile that answer. we are trying to change that at least for programmers. Where it come from - I worked for outsourcing company in india and mostly client sits on our shoulders 24/7. so we have very limited time to complete the tasks. Opening blank links(Page contains only question not answers) using google, sometime consume lots of time. So instead we are aggregating all the possible answers on single page. Hope it answer your query.
I like the collections feature to save searches. I usually save tabs, but this might work better. One piece of feedback - I see there's email login, but this isn't apparent on the home page, which only asks for Facebook login. Some of us prefer email, so it'd help to add there! :)
@manasvinik thanks, you can register on using email and we'll also add register link on home page.
Doesn't quite look like it's ready for launch: Evernote is using the sandbox API and won't let me login.
@itsthisjustin you are right. will change that. thanks