When you're in a cafe and someone is staring at your screen

Nobody likes when someone behind is staring at your screen. Doesn't matter if it is your boss or nosy person in the cafe. Rearview solves this problem by using built-in or external camera in a handy way.
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Putting big "Problem" title at the begining of page is not so good idea. I thought something went wrong.
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@ariel_jedrzejczak My exact thoughts as well. I thought it was a 404 page before I kept reading.
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@ariel_jedrzejczak @chris_germano thanks! I've changed "Problem" to "Scenario" (which is still not prefect, but hope it's less misleading).
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Hi Hunters! I found that the situation in which someone stares at my monitor is terribly uncomfortable. This happens so often, especially when working in cafes or open space. That's why I created an application on macOS, which in a convenient way shows a mirror image from the MacBook camera. Always on top, even if other apps are on full screen. The camera is started from status item in menu bar. I also added an optional sound alarm when the camera detects more than one face. Thanks for reading! I will be grateful for any feedback!
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this app is really cool
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Great job!! 😊 wanting this for my windows laptop? Hope it is possible
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Nice App :D
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