Realm, Mobile-first database. Build fast apps, faster.

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Looks cool - for mobile developers - a new type of embeddable DB for your mobile app.
Hey guys, Tim of Realm here. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.
@timanglade Looks great Tim. We'll be giving it a look. Swift + Realm = iOS programming overhaul :)
@ketau Haha — I wish PH had a like button for comments so I could click it a thousand times :) Let me know how it goes!
@timanglade will do. Have a new project kicking off soon and passed along to our whole dev team. FYI, this slide is gold: Great positioning.
@ketau Thanks for the kind words Ryan! You & your devs are welcome to hit me anytime if you need an intro to Realm or some help.
@timanglade FYI, the code snippets don't display anything when you click the Swift button.
I see you're iOS only. Are you planning on an Android version as well?
@SacBookReviewer Yup! We have an internal build that’s mostly at parity with iOS already but have some work ahead of us on tuning performance and adding stuff like Migration support. Database files will be compatible between iOS & Android, if you’re wondering, so you can ship them around.
Hey @timanglade - sounds cool, which apps are using it currently?
@SoleneMa We’re unfortunately not allowed to name too many names publicly at the moment, due to the terms of our early user agreements, but we have a few production apps, including a major game with 1M+ monthly active users, and other use-cases in different verticals. We’ll write up more details about them on our blog as fast as the paperwork allows!
@timanglade how is this different than core data? Maybe I'm missing the point...
@miles_matthias In short, it’s much, much easier to use & maintain, and faster as well. Our launch blogpost has a bunch more details on that front: