You can't comment on stuff you haven't read. is a commenting platform and community. Uniquely, nobody is allowed to comment on any article or story they haven't fully read.

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Hey PH! Jeff and I are two best friends (since preschool!) now starting a company together. After developing this concept for over a year, we’re excited to launch v1 on Product Hunt! Our technology is simple, but powerful. Using a chrome extension, users get credit for stuff they’ve read fully, which unlocks commenting privileges. It’s not possible to comment on anything you haven’t fully read. The extent to which people *don’t* usually read is staggering. And, we think, a huge problem. We believe that commenting should be a privilege, not a right. And that actually reading something is an appropriate baseline expectation. There’s a lot of talk these days about fake news, echo-chambers, and trolling in comment sections, and yet surprisingly few viable solutions. Just yesterday, yet another major publication bagged the comment section altogether: We’re both longtime redditors who mostly lurk and occasionally comment pseudonymously. We think that this product has the potential to transform the entire digital/social/media landscape and we hope, one day, to compete with largest platforms on the web: reddit, fb, twitter, etc. Give it a try! We’re here all day, eager to hear your feedback and answer your questions. Cheers to reading. Really. :)

I love having access to anything I've started or completed reading and knowing that if I choose to share my comment on something i am way less likely to be met with thoughtless aggression than anywhere else on the internet.


I love having an incentive to read thoroughly. I hadn't realized how inclined I was to skim until using this extension.


Phone compatibility!